Meet the Gregory Family

My family and I have lived in Birmingham our whole lives, I love Birmingham! I especially love and care about the people of Birmingham. This is my home. In 1998, my wife and I bought our first fixer upper house. My wife and I spent a few months of sweat, tears, and quite possibly some blood from a few scratches fixing it up and we made it our home. After living in it for a while, we decided to sell it.

For the next two years, we continued to buy, fix up and sell houses. During this time, I discovered I had a very real passion and love for real estate and houses. Most of all, I loved helping families get in beautifully remodeled Dream Homes at prices they could afford and seeing the joy on their faces. For every home sale, this is still the most fulfilling part of what I do.

In 2000, I decided to start flipping houses full time. Since then, I have helped hundreds of families achieve their dreams of home ownership. I have personally flipped over 350 houses and I have assisted, consulted or been involved with over 500 homes.

After we meet, you will quickly find that I truly care about the success and happiness of others. I am trustworthy and I will always have your best interest in mind.

Another way I try to help people is by serving on the Board of Directors for The Lovelady Center, a women’s ministry that serves our community by providing shelter and help to women in the Birmingham area. For more information about Lovelady Center visit their website www.loveladycenter.org

Most of the national companies you find online or get postcards from are wholesalers. They try to look like they are local but most are not. They buy and resell contracts. So cut out the middle man and work directly with me. I will answer the phone personally and I can make you a better offer because I do the actual remodeling myself with my own crew who has over 12 of years experience in remodeling. I save money because I rehab houses quicker and more efficiently which allows me to make you a better offer.

I will consider any property in any condition. You might think your property is in very bad condition but I want to look at it. As a courtesy service, if I find your house is not a fit for us, I will refer you to other people in the business to help you find a buyer.

Why Choose Gregory Dream Homes

  • I am local
  • No realtor commission
  • No fees
  • We pay closing costs
  • Deal direct, not with a national wholesaler
  • Sell your house as is, no repairs needed
  • Save money on future taxes, insurance and mortgage bills
  • Get rid of bad rentals
  • Close as quickly as 1 week and most often in less than 10 business days
  • Get out of debt and find peace of mind
  • My crew is fast and efficient, allowing me to make you a better offer